Is that really all you got, fellow anons? Please don’t make me laugh.

Now if you’d like me to die so so badly, you’ll need to think up a better plan. Do leave some more messages for me while I sleep, dearies.

It’s almost 3.30am and I still have obstacles to get rid off in the morning. Such a life I live.

I’ll answer all messages when I have time, alright? Bye bye~!

Anonymous sent: You're just trash you know that? Geez, we don't need people like you on earth, kill yourself thanks

Really? Trash? Is that the best you can do? Darling, I’ve been called far worst things before in my life, that didn’t even managed to tickle me. Do you even try?

Besides, everyone is trash. Once we die our bodies slowly decomposes until we’re nothing more but just skeletons. ‘You’re priceless!’ ‘Money can’t buy you!’ BEEP wrong answer, deary~!

In fact, you’re worth a lot more dead than you are alive. I mean, if you were to sell yourself, you’ll still won’t be as valuable as being nothing but a cold, lifeless body!

So the next time you call someone trash, remember oh remember…

You’re also


Anonymous sent: Omg please kill yourself you're not needed in rp

Now now, just because you said ‘please’ doesn’t mean I have to listen to you. You’re going to need to do better than that. Come again when you finally found a good method, alright? Don’t give up!

I may not be needed online but I am most definitely needed in my job. Money money come, deary. Money, money come.

Anonymous sent: So you're still alive? I really thought you were dead. Sucks : (

Oh my, not even a ‘Welcome back’? How rude!

Unfortunately for you yes I am still very much alive and breathing. Oh but worry not dear blogger! When I do die, this blog will be deleted, so keep on checking it everyday okay? Best if you follow me in fact! That way you can see if I’m active on your dash or not!

And guess who is back with a new eyeball?

Yes, I am unfortunately alive. And now with two eyes I can see so much clearer and cleaner! So apparently Mike has been dealing with my blogs, not all too well it seems. Oh well, better him than anyone else~

And it seems adults haven’t been acting like adults either. Disgusting

Really, instead of talking it out like normal civilized human beings, you all go ahead and make assumptions and distasteful acts towards other people. That includes you, Mike. (I know you’re reading this Mike you can’t hide from me)

Alas I must move out, business calls and I’ve delayed work long enough. Won’t get my bonus by the end of the year if I continue to slack.

But when I come back and, if I actually have the energy to deal with bullshit that’s been going on (and that’s STILL going on) here I’ll turn up then.

Tata dear followers. Tata











快醒吧,小姐… …


小姐整个晚上以及今早晨都没有什么反应或移动。今日算是第十天了,小姐从来没进入昏睡状态的那么久过,真让人非常担心… …



小姐一整个晚上没动,脸上也没什么反应。不过早上当跟朋友们在网上电话谈话时,听到她们的声音使到小姐开始从嘴巴里呼吸。现在知道说朋友的声音会引起一些反应… …